ECLISSE Flush Wall Door Synthesis


When installing a flush-wall door, you can choose a simple solution, such as ECLISSE’s flush-wall door synthesis. This unique custom door hardware system is easy to install and comes with spacer panels and a plastic shield for protection. The kit includes the screws needed to install the flush-wall door, so you won’t have to worry about installing multiple pieces. Whether you need one door to be flush¬† wall doors, the synthesis is the perfect solution.

ECLISSE Syntesis Line Battente

With the ECLISSE Syntesis(r) Line Battente for flush wall door, you can mount two hinged doors flush to the walls. Its double solid wood frame increases rigidity. The flush-fitting design eliminates architraves and jambs, creating a seamless integration between the door panel and wall. This decorative door offers unmatched design versatility and ease of installation.

ECLISSE Syntesis Swing

With the ECLISSE Syntesis (r) Swing for flush wall doors, your home is sure to be more beautiful and spacious than ever. The flush-to-wall swing door system offers complete integration between the door panel and the wall. The hinges and decorative lipping provide an additional design element. It also features a sleek, minimalist aesthetic. And what’s more, this door can be primed to match the color of the surrounding walls.

ECLISSE Syntesis Line Battente with angled door

The ECLISSE Syntesis Line Battende is an architectural hollow-core door with a unique angled-flush-wall design. Its dual-solid-wood-frame construction increases rigidity and strength. Custom-made solutions enable the door panel to be flush with the wall or ceiling, eliminating the need for architraves and jambs. The fully integrated door panel and frame ensure a high level of aesthetics.

ECLISSE Syntesis Skirting

The ECLISSE Syntesis(r) collection includes hinged and sliding pocket door systems without jambs and skirting boards. These flush wall doors feature an innovative baseboard profile that accentuates clean, uninterrupted lines and offers minimal fuss. The skirting board adaptor also fits the range of Eclisse flush wall doors. For added convenience, Eclisse also offers a range of different skirting materials and designs to match the ECLISSE Syntesis (r) Flush collection.

Coplanar door of the Rimadesio collection

The Rimadesio collection features a coplanar flush wall door that realizes the perfect integration between walls and doors and furniture elements. The door is designed for easy installation and can be installed either push or pull. Alternatively, it can be combined with the Spazio inter-wall system. It is a highly innovative product that satisfies the most discerning interior architect.

ECLISSE Syntesis Line Battente with RAL-colored door

The ECLISSE Syntesis Line Battende with RAL-colored flush wall door satisfies the need for a high-quality flush-to-wall hinged door. Its angled upper edge is ideal for installation on sloping ceilings, attics and under stairways. It is also available in double-door versions. ECLISSE Syntesis(r) Collection includes flush hinged door frames, sliding pocket door systems, and no-external finish.

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